Sunday, August 05, 2012

I looked through the photos in facebook trying to recollect the sweet memories I had of her.  Most of the photos brought a smile to my face. But as I looked at her recent photos, sadness loomed within me. I could not find the sparkle she used to carry in her previous photos. I saw sadness. Perhaps it's just me trying to to think too much. When was it that she was first diagnosed I wonder. When did she find out that she had cancer? A person who is full of life,  who would maximize every minute she had doing meaningful things. That was how she was. She never wasted time. She was always occupied and full of energy. The cancer ruined everything. She was just too young. Why did the cancer have to live in her. She had so much to achieve in life. I wonder how the last few days of her life was like? To know that her hours were numbered. To be too tired to do anything.  She was just 30 plus. Too young to leave this world.  Where are you now? Can you see us from above? Nevertheless, thank you. For teaching me to make the most out of my life. For teaching me to be positive. For giving me the courage to dare to dream. Every thought of you is pleasant, hilarious and memorable. Thank you for touching my life, thank you for your time, thank you sharing a part of you with me. Thank you for accepting me as your friend.

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