Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Today was Gregory's first day at his 2nd part-time care giver's (Mrs. M) home. His first day to his first part-time care giver was a month ago. That time, the first lady told us she could not continue to care for Gregory because he was too demanding and she was unable to fulfil her responsibilities as a mother to her own children. Hence, we were left without a person to care for Gregory while we went to work. It was stressful and HORRIBLE.

As Mrs M lives near to Leslie's work place, Gregory travelled with his father to work. They left the house at 6.30 am. It was the first time since Gregory's birth I passed my morning at home without his presence. Honestly, that left me ample space and time to get a lot of things done. I managed to wash the laundry, cook lunch cum dinner, pump Gregory's stock of milk and take a 1 hour nap before leaving for work. It was a fruitful morning yet I was not happy today because I missed my little boy.

I hardly spent any time with him today. When I came home from work today, it was already 9.30pm and he was already asleep. The only time I spent with him was during feeding time. I felt really sorry and bad for my little boy but this is the best solution we can think of at the moment as we are still waiting for the maid to come. Thankfully, Gregory does not need to travel to Mrs M's house every day. He only goes there 3 times a week when I am at work.

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