Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To be Someone else

To Be Someone Else
At some point in your life, you've probably wanted to be someone else. Someone more good-looking, more intelligent, wealthier, more well-liked. While twisting in the grip of envy, you've hated yourself, lamented your state of affairs, been incredibly annoying to the people around you.

The next time you find yourself entertaining thoughts of being somebody else, know that it's never going to happen. You are never going to be someone else so you might as well banish the idea. There is one constant - you have only one life, and you can either live it to the best of your abilities, or you can wither and sulk. It's your choice.

In 1978, Erma Bombeck wrote a book entitled "The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank." What a funny read! According to her, there must be some specific reason that the grass is greener "over there." While the top layer is nice, plush, and green, what is it that boils underneath? Sure the vegetation is flourishing, but you can be sure the water bill is

When we strive to be like someone else or we envy or hate others because we are not like them, it's a spectacular waste of time. We all fall into the limbo from time to time, but nothing is achieved by it. Sometimes we strive to be like others because of the challenges that we must deal with every day. Yes it indeed seems ideal to simply step into someone else's shoes in order to escape our troubles. But even if it were possible, we'd simply be signing up for a whole
list of other problems.

You only see the positive aspects that "attract" you to this other person's life, yet there are always negative aspects hiding beneath the surface. You must realize that each and every life comes with its share of challenges. Life isn't about getting rid of challenges; it's about how you manage these challenges to make your life as fulfilling as possible. Very often, we create these "challenges" ourselves. Because we do not look forward with passion and optimism, we sit still and become bored. We then create these challenges as a way to convince ourselves that they are the reason we don't seem to be moving.

Some politicians make up enemies for very much the same reason. When we have someone or something to blame, then we don't have to think about accepting responsibility for our own problems. The only way to live a fairytale is to become the hero of the story. Remember, just as others' lives may seem more attractive to you, your life appears desirable to others. They just don't tell you. As you plan and define your direction, you will find that your life is truly unique. Learn to love yourself and your life.

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