Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am feeling LONELY


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I manipulated the situation and got things done my way. I wonder if it happened because I talked too much so much so that the other party became submissive or was it because I was convincing and my idea was good. After the meeting ended, I felt as if I was a bully because there was no opposition at all towards everything I had said. Somebody told me that I made my point very clear and that it was needed because we were almost heading nowhere before the meeting.

Despite being uncomfortable about the whole situation, I'm somehow glad that what I proposed is going to be carried out. Now we need to focus on getting the project done, living up to it's objectives.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do we know what we are doing?
Why are we such critical people?
Perhaps criticising others boosts our own esteem.
Sometimes I think we are 'syiok sendiri'
Believing that we are doing good when
We are just selfish people who only care about ourselves.
Question my intentions and I discover that
I am noble because it makes me feel good being the noble one
Do I really care about what others feel?
Perhaps not. I just want to look good in their eyes.
It just feels good to show people that
It just excites me to see myself inspiring people
Are my intentions sincere?
-confession of a butt kisser-
I don't know why and how I wrote this.
I was just thinking of
something and of someone when
I suddenly clicked on to type this on my post.
It was done within 5 minutes.
I am leaving it as it is.
Perhaps I will edit it in future, perhaps I will leave it as it is.
For now, I'm just letting it be.
It is purely unedited, not even grammatically corrected.
Hello People!

How's life been? I believe it's been ages since I wrote any post in the blog. There are a few reasons like, I was busy at work (really busy uh), I was not inspired, too lazy and sometimes....THE INTERNET (which is most of the time the main culprit. I get so fed up trying to get online that I end up not posting anything on the blog.

Time flies when there's much to do in life. I'm surprised myself but I do really love working in this college. I can actually imagine myself retiring in this place but of course it won't happen because of marriage. I'm currently on a semester break which does not really seem to be like one at all. There's lots of paper work and lesson plan to work on. I'm also involved in the college orientation therefore I have some extra work to attend to as well to add on, I have a course to attend this coming weekend (which is so not the right time as Leslie's parents will be down to meet my own parents =( )

I had Fiona and Myd visiting me last week on separate days and it was a delight to revisit Penang with them again. As always, I learnt more about my hometown while bringing them around. I discovered a great place to eat nasi briani and fried oysters and some Chinese food. I also discovered some less pleasant things like 'the Air Itam laksa is not living up to it's reputation' and the ' illegal jaga kereta's are increasing despite reports that the state is clearing them off the streets'.

What a week it has been. More exciting things are expected to come.......I hope to watch 'Sell Out' while it is still in the cinemas though.....