Saturday, June 18, 2011

The most interesting thing happened to me at work today. A colleague who is not well liked by others actually saved my day at the very last minute. Ever since I came to the editor's desk, everyone has been nice to me except for her. For the last 3 weeks, I found her to be anti-social and mysterious. She hardly spoke to anyone and she always kept to herself, keeping her work very much to herself and never really shared anything with anyone even when she was supposed to. Fellow colleagues often complained that it was difficult to work with her due to this attitude. However, what happened today seems to tell me that I should give her a second chance and try to understand her. There was an error in our duty roster and I had to take up the duty of the editor who was absent. All this while, I had worked under a senior editor. However, today's situation required me to work alone and take charge of two news sessions. As I had never done that duty at all before, I struggled and almost could not finish on time, all of a sudden she approached me and offered to help out. She corrected my errors and even contributed some stories. She was so helpful and it actually took me some time to recover and accept her assistance. I am shocked by what she did and I think her actions actually changed our relationship. She smiled for the first time and she bade us goodbye before she left. I am still puzzled by wha happen and I do not know if she will smile at me when I see her again the next day, but what i know is that today's experience tells me that she can be nice, if I play the cards right with her and maybe I can help to make her more approachable at work in the future.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's been 4 days since I moved to the editor's desk. The experience has been facinating. I am amazed by how fellow editors manage to produce news for airing every hour. I must admit that I have much to learn. The only downside which I don't really like about my work is that I have to come in at very odd hours. Sometimes I have to work overnight, sometimes I have to start work at 4am in the morning. The working hours are odd and I wonder if I am able to cope with it. I look forward to gaining experience and producing news which I can be proud of.