Friday, July 09, 2010

I'm kinda upset at the moment. My dad's condition is not getting better and what makes it worse is the bedsore is getting bigger. I've read very nasty explanations about bedsores and I have consulted many doctors who do not offer much solution to healing it. The pictures shown on the Internet are gross and I'm worried that dad's bedsore is going to be that bad. I can't imagine it happening at home. My mom told me before that sometimes, maggots will be found in the bedsores when it gets serious because that was what happened to the many bedridden people that we knew.

It's sad to see my dad in such condition. I don't know if he can actually feel pain. There's no expression in his face, it is like he is sleeping all the time. When I sit down and look at him, I wonder what's in his mind. How does he feel?

I'm also worried if Sokha is able to cope with caring for my dad. I myself am not prepared to deal with what lies ahead. I hate to imagine what lies ahead for the future.