Thursday, April 29, 2010

What we read in the papers these days are so disturbing. Why do humans have to be so inhuman. We seem to be the most privileged of all the living creatures yet some humans are worst than animals. Why? Why do we have to be unkind? Why do we have to destroy the lives of others?

I used to think that all those terrible acts that we see on the screen are merely dramas but as I grow older and listen to people share, I realized that the lives of people I know are not much of a difference from the dramatic stories that I see on tv.

I know gossips are bad but of late, the gossips that I hear awaken me. These gossips actually tell me that I should appreciate and be thankful for the lovely people that come into my life, because there are many people out there who are living with people who are worst than monsters. I am thankful for my family, thankful for my husband, thankful for my colleagues, thankful for having good friends.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am furious. First, the girl is an orphan. It is already sad that she does not have a family. To make it worst, her classmates raped her. Reading yesterday's news gave me the notion that she was raped by a classmate so I thought that boy was just sick and desperate (I'm not indicating that it was ok for him to rape her), however after I read today's news, my blood boiled. It was not one boy who raped her but many boys. They took turns to rape her. She is their classmate. Someone whom they sit with in class everyday and yet they did such a thing to her. How could they?
To add on, the incident took place in their classroom during recess. Where were the rest? What were others doing? Did anyone not sense anything even after it happened? This girl really needs help. If I were in her shoes, I might not be able to trust others again.
Oh, I forgot to mention, they even stuck a pencil inside her. I think these boys need to be canned. Since they are old enough to rape, I believe that they are old enough to be punished as well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is nice to have Brandy around. Of late, she has been trying to get my attention and sometimes I wish I could read her mind. A few days ago, as I was watching the television, Brandy sat at the middle of the living room and barked at me as if to ask me to give her some attention. I ignored her and she continued to bark until I put my hand out to ask her to come. She sat next to me and enjoyed a good pat. After a few minutes, I diverted my attention to the screen again. Brandy was not satisfied, she went to her original spot and barked at me again. I was irritate yet amused. I thought she was cute.

Brandy has been seeking my attention often these days. Sometimes, she will come and sit next to me or on my feet while I'm doing my household chores. It feels nice to be wanted even though Brandy is just a dog. I had many dogs before Brandy but none behaved like Brandy so I really wonder if it is natural for dogs to behave this way. Nevertheless, I love my dog. She is a good companion.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wonder how life is going to be when we begin to live together. I believe I will continue to wonder until the day comes.

Both of us are currently living apart due to our current situation. I do not like the current arrangement but our current condition does not really allow us to stay together. We need to be realistic and therefore we are not rushing into the idea of staying together though we do not wish to prolong our current condition. Everyday, I pray that this separation will not last.

The common question that people ask us these days is 'How is married life'? Often I wonder what they are referring to. Nevertheless I would say that married life has actually brought us much closer to each other. It was after marriage that I truly understood chastity and its importance. I am glad that I never tried to be intimate prior to our marriage. I was of course frustrated with the idea that he never held my hand while we were dating. I was frustrated because I thought that I was so unattractive so much so that he had no desire for me. Thankfully, things are different now and I actually enjoy the change.

Married life is beautiful, he accepts me as imperfect as I am and I do not need to pretend and wear a mask in his presence. I dare to discuss my insecurities with him and this is one of my new experience as a married person.