Friday, May 21, 2010

Ever since I joined the college, I've been given two subjects to teach every semester. This semester is however different as I only have one subject to teach and the positive side of it is that I save on preparation time and I can fully focus on one subject instead of two. The only setback is that I have to repeat myself eight times, twice every week as I teach this same subject to eight different classes. Sometimes, I feel like a parrot. Sadly to say, sometimes I become less enthusiasted as well because I can more a less predict how the next one and a half hour in class is going to be.

Schools and colleges these days are becoming like a production factory. The focus is to make students pass a certain paper and move on. Educators these days can't afford to commit too much to their students because there are just too many of them. There is hardly any opportunity to sustain a good relationship with the students. Every semester (14 weeks), I have an average of 200 students under my care and I meet them for only 3 hours per week. There are 3 semesters in a year so on an average, I teach around 500 - 600 students a year.

I used to be inspired by my educators in the past but I wonder if I do inspire my own students at all. There's just too little time with so much to accomplish. What is life?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new semester has begun and as usual, I experienced some first day jitters again thanks to my low self-esteem. I have eight classes under my care and in total I have around twenty scholarship holders from these classes. Let's pray that this semester be good and that my students gain from their lessons with me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

After all that has been promised to Sarawak, the government surprisingly still lost the Sibu by-elections. I wonder why did the people vote against Barisan. Was the carrot dangled not big enough or the Sibu citizens are generally not a greedy bunch of people?
Nevertheless, i am happy with the outcome. The message sent by the people of Sibu is very clear. It is not the money that they want but something else. I personally felt that the government was making too many promises. Why is it that only the people of Sibu were offered all those lucrative benefits? How about the Sabahans and the people in Peninsular?