Sunday, April 17, 2011

I followed the Sarawak Elections with great interest and I secretly supported a particular party. My observation also made me see how some people cheated in gaining the people's support. Although I am married to a Sarawakian, I do not think I am in the right position to announce my opinion towards the outcome of the elections. I have not stayed in the state long enough to really judge its leadership. All I can say is that the lives of the Sarawakians could be better.

I read today's paper with great interest and one victory which captured my attention was Baru Bian's victory. I only knew who Baru Bian was after reading the articles today. Prior to this, all I knew about Baru Bian was that he was the opposition coalition's choice of Chief Minister should they topple the state government. Today, I discovered about his deeds, I learnt how he helped to natives to fight for their land. To me, his victory is most deserving.

Although the Opposition Coalition failed to deny the Barisan Coalition of the 2/3 majority, I think DAP did really well in this election. Yet, one question that I ask is if the candidates representing DAP really had the credibility to win. Did they win because they were really capable or did they win because the citizens in their constituency was so fed-up with the present government that they just wanted someone else to win. THe candidates who represented DAP were those who were only in their 20's with not much experience, yet they won their seats with big majorities. Did the elders vote for them because they have seen them in action and really trusted their capability? I wonder.

If the opposition wants to win the trust of the people, they must start working hard now. The opposition needs more Baru Bians who would serve the people CONSISTENTLY with great sincerity. There's a lot to be done in Sarawak, hence there should be no excuse for future want to be leaders to say that they were not given enough opportunities to help to build the state.

Sarawak is a beautiful state, rich in nature and culture yet there are many who live in poverty. Some are contented with life while many are struggling to survive. Some have left the state for greener pastures elsewhere. I hope the elected leaders will sustain and preserve the natural beauty of the state and work on improving the economy of the state.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's been a long time since I wrote in this blog. Many things have happened yet I hardly shared anything here. I sometimes ask myself where has my enthusiasm gone to? Is facebook ruining my life? I think it is, yet, I cannot resist it and I succumb to the temptations found in facebook.

I'm currently adjusting to a new environment. I started my second part-time job a week ago and am still adjusting to it. I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and I wish I did not have to mark anymore essays. What to do? I live in KL, things are expensive here and we are just starting to build a family and there's extra expenditure involved, thus, I need to force myself to do a little more to contribute my part and lighten my husband's financial burden.

I find my new job interesting and I can sense that I will eventually find fulfilment in it. I was recruited to be a radio news editor but since I lack in experience, they have assigned me to be a news reporter for the time being. I follow senior reporters to functions and events and learn how to write a news report for the event. It looks easy but for a beginner like me, the task is not that easy as I'm not familiar with the reporting language. However, the enthusiasm which I see in my colleagues motivates me. I see fulfilment in their faces whenever they hear their reports being read in the news. I seek to achieve that kind of fulfilment someday although I do not plan to retire as a reporter. I still want to be a news editor. I'm glad that I'm taking this new challenge =)