Monday, April 27, 2009

I gave my students a two hour test on Friday. It was to prepare them for their finals tomorrow. As I had a bad toothache, I left them to do the test while I took a rest. When I returned to class, I saw a boy doing his test facing the wall. I found it very odd therefore I asked him why he was facing the wall. He did not answer. He just smiled.

Being a naughty lecturer, I grinned and pointed at his friends and I said aloud 'Hah, you guys must have been disturbing him so much so that he had to move away. You have been bullying him haven't you?' The boys who were already smiling all the way laughed loudly and said 'Teacher! He is the noisy one, that's why we asked him to sit there'

I could not help but smile. These fellas are so childlike, at the same time, I still find it hard to believe that the boy obediently moved his seat just because his classmates told him to.
I'm currently teaching a group of students who did not get credit for their SPM English. I meet them for six hours everyday so sometimes I give them activities such as games to make learning fun.

Last week, I did the 'Answer Hunt' game with them. I gave them a list of questions for them to search for the answer. The questions were related to the facilities and people in the college. One of the question was 'Name five people who are in love'. Of which I expected them to ask among their classmates for the answer for many of them were in a relationship. Much to my surprise, my students did not think of asking their classmates this question. They went around campus asking other students ' Are you in love?'

I was amused when i was told what they did. Having taught in this campus for almost a year, I've never had students who had such guts to actually approach strangers, what more to ask them if they were in love and my students just did it. To add on, the respondents responded positively towards these students, many smiled and laughed when asked if they were in love.

I'm actually very satisfied with the result of the game. I saw them gain confidence in themselves while learning and having fun. The only complain I got was ' Haiyo teacher, so hot and tiring lah'