Monday, March 19, 2012

Gregory is 69 days old. For some people, they will say: 'Wah so fast, time really flies" but for me, I keep wondering when will his sixth month come. I can't wait to see him being able to sit on his own. He is much easier to look after now compared to when he was just born. These days, he only wakes up twice at night for milk, of course there are still some nights when he refuses to sleep but those nights have been reduced.

Gregory is now pretty talkative, in his baby language, he calls for attention and likes it when you talk to him. The reward for chit-chatting with him is the very cute smile in his face. Sometimes he even laughs and reveals his toothless gums. It is really nice when that happens. He will laugh, and move his hands and legs at the same time.

I bought him two CDs when I was pregnant and I've been playing those two CDs over and over again these days. The songs in the CDs are in baby language and he loves it when I mimic the songs to him. That really motivates me because it is a sign that he has been listening and he recognizes things. Raising Gregory is indeed very interesting, sometimes, i find it hard to believe that I have a son.

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