Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gregory will hit 7 months in a few days time. Oh how time flies. What are his developments so far?

Speech : Still can't talk but I have a feeling he is going to say daddy as his first word. Whenever he tries to babble, it sounds as though he is saying daddy even though Leslie has been introduced as papa to him instead of daddy

Movements: He is really good on the baby walker. He can walk really fast in it but we try to minimize those special moments as we have been told over and over again that baby walkers are bad for the baby's physical development. At 6 months plus, Greogory can sit steadily. He can crawl and can stand pretty well with condition that he is holding on to something. He still tumbles from time to time though.

Eating: He is a little picky when it comes to food. Our mistake that we introduced sweet food to him too soon. He loves food that are fruit based and often rejects food prepared without fruits. Hence, cooking his porridge has been an uphill task for me and getting him to eat is even more challenging. Nevertheless, he has been eating well for the past two days. What an achievement for mommy!

Behavior: He is a little demanding. When he wants something, he wants it NOW. He cries when he sees people walking away and he is starting to show preference to who carries him. Last week, while we were in Kuching, he didn't like it when his papa was carrying his cousins. Jealousy? Perhaps.

And so, our little boy is getting adventurous these days. Since he can move, he loves to explore. This has kept us on our toes as he seems to be often interested in the most dangerous things we can imagine.Hence, we had no choice but to invest in a play pen. It cost us RM 515 but we thought if we wanted to buy one, it ought to be something that will not end up as a white elephant in the house. So we bought him a lindam safe and secure playpen. So far, it has served us well and I'm sure Jen Jen our maid loves it too. Hopefully, it will remain in tip top condition so that we can sell it when we are done with it and earn some money back.

While we are excited about his development, I guess like any other parents, our concerns have grown as well. God willing, we will be good parents and raise our little boy well.

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