Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gregory turned one month old on Saturday. He is now 4.8kg and 63 cm tall. He is getting a little too heavy for me to carry all the time and to make it worse, he is starting to have the habit of crying out loud so that people will carry him. If he is left alone, he will wail until someone comes and lift him. Unfortunately for him and for us, there are not many people in the house who can carry him, hence the three of us (Leslie, myself and my mom) are experiencing aches here and there as a result of carrying this heavy little bundle.

Gregory does not like to be left alone. Each time we have our meals, he will wake up and cry for attention. He seems to like company. Sometimes, he would rather not sleep for a few hours so that he can play with whoever around and of course the whoever will either be his father or myself. The nurses at the clinic say he is growing well. In fact, he can now lift his head and each time we put him face down, he is able to push himself to face the side. Of late, Gregory has been sleeping pretty well at night too. He wakes up for milk after 3 hours and sometimes, he is so deep into sleep that I have to wake him up instead. The only problem now is that his appetite has increased and these days, he sometimes takes four ounces instead of three and sadly, my breast milk flow has suddenly decreased after the confinement, hence I am having a little stress on this matter. I am now doing what I can to increase the milk flow and God willing I will have enough to feed him. It is too soon for me to start feeding him permanently with formula milk.


Janice said...

You don't have to wake him up just to feed him. Let him sleep as long as he can at night. It's good to have longer stretch of time to feed. My milk also decreased after confinement, but back to normal after few days or around 2 weeks, I forgot. I assume its normal? Or maybe because I stopped drinking red date soup. No answer. :P

jennvaz said...

Interesting that you would mention the red dates drink because I suspected that too. Regarding waking the baby, I've read some books and a few websites including this one which says that newborns should not be left unfed for more than 4 hours.