Friday, February 24, 2012

Gregory is 48 days old and I'm getting more attached to him, probably because I enjoy his presence more these days compared to feeling frustrated most of the time. These days, he cries less, instead he has begun to create conversations in his baby language. It is so much more soothing to the ears compared to his crying. He has also begun to smile now and once again, that makes caring for him much more fun. I can't wait for the moment to come when he begins to laugh. His vision is developing well too. He is now able to observe things and movements. Though this development is good, it also makes it more difficult for us to make him sleep because he is now easily distracted. He now notices our presence and will cry should we walk away. In the past, it was easy to make him sleep. All we had to do was to pacify him and he will doze off. Nowadays, he will keep watch on us while dozing off. Yesterday, he cried when we switched off the lights. he stopped crying after we switched on the lights. Hence we had to sleep with the lights on for about an hour.

I bought him a simple baby gym at almost RM 30 from tesco. He loves it. He touches it and looks at its colors. Each time I pick his hand up to press the music button, he will smile as the ABC song is played. I also bought him a set of baby books from the baby fair. It's still a little too early to see him appreciate the book but I like the book very much.

Tomorrow will be Gregory's first day at the baby sitter's. She will be looking after him 3 times a week. I have adjusted my working hours so that I can spend more time with Greg. The baby sitter is not cheap but at least I get to go to work. Hope all turns out fine tomorrow.

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