Friday, February 03, 2012

I am writing this blog with bitterness. Yes, women under confinement are not supposed to get upset because it will cause her to bring in all the negative toxins into her body but I have had enough of it and I personally feel that letting out my frustration will do me more good.

I've never met a person who has been so selfish throughout my life and of all times, I have to deal with this person during this time of my life, when I am physically at my weakest point. I cannot understand why a physically able person wants to behave as though he or she is disabled. A person who is not even entitled to be a senior citizen wants to behave and be treated like an 80 year old person. Why is it that this person has to deprive others of happiness just because he or she does not know how to seek joy in every little thing in life? Just because others find joy in very simple things in laughs out of happiness this person has to be jealous. I don't mind if this person chooses to remain depressed and feel sorry for himself or herself but who gives this person the right to ruin other people's life? It is so unfair. It is so unfair that every body has to be sad and feel blue just because of this person. Every body has to be exhausted just to serve this person, to please this person. Every body is always giving in to this person, depriving themselves of what makes them happy and yet this person is not grateful, does not even show any signs of appreciation but instead like my sister always says 'climbs on your head and shits on it'.

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