Saturday, December 13, 2008

I was listening to mix FM yesterday when the topic of discussion was 'what makes you want to go home to your spouse'. Apparently, many people lie to their spouses and not go home straight after work due to many reasons.

I asked myself if I would go home straight after work if I had a spouse and my answer was definitely yes, provided that he was at home.If he was not at home, then perhaps there would be no good reason to why I ought to make my way home right after work. What would make me go home to my spouse? Well, I guess it's the idea of spending time relaxing with the one you love after a busy day. There's no need for any specific or romantic programmes. I think the whole idea of just 'lepaking' in the house with someone else around can be fun even though it also means doing more household chores, as long as I don't do it alone.

I liked what a guy said. He said what makes him want to go home right after work is to have dinner waiting for him at the table and to be able to enjoy a good meal with his family.

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InfanT said...

i truly agree with you. If you have your loved ones waiting for you at home, i'm sure you just wanna go home after work and spend some quality time to catch up with each other after work.

To prepare dinner, i'll get Andrew to help because i'm not a full time housewife. We need to share some workload if we need to cook dinner. He has been helpful thus far. Thank god.