Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I was about to leave for home when I recieved an sms asking me about papa's condition. My mother had complained that he was annoying and irritating and the person asked me why this and why that. It really got me irritated. Ever since papa's been in and out of hospital, people have been extra caring towards his condition so much so that sometimes people over react.

Papa's condition has improved alot ever since he got discharged. In fact he is even fitter than he used to be and can be a handful. He is cranky and demanding and expects things to be done his way. ie. wanting to bathe 2 to 3 times a day even at odd hours, demanding for dinner when it is tea time so on and so forth.He questions my mother and calls her names just because she ignores him.

What annoys me is when people who do not live with us walks into the house and make their own conclusions right after they visit him. They think they know the best solutions for him. The other day, one person actually took a persimmon from the fridge and fed him. I was dismayed when i saw him stuffing it into his mouth because the fruit was hard and cold. I was right, he choked on the fruit right after the person left and the person left feeling contented because she had fed my father with some refreshing fruit. It is interesting how some parents ban their children from ice-creams just because it's cold and yet demand that my dad who is sick should have ice-cream just because it is his favourite food.

I did not intend to complain about all these little petty things because I don't find it worth talking about. The sms just came at the right time while I'm online and got me boiling mad.

On a happier note, I was pleasantly surprised when i got home from the market yesterday morning. A few ladies from the Penang Eurasian Association had brought some Christmas goodies for my parents. They brought two little boxes with various homemade cakes in it. I thought it was really sweet of them to do so, to bring cheer to the elderly. My dad did not really take note of their presence but I could see the radiance on my mother's face when I got home.

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