Thursday, December 04, 2008

Papa has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease stage one. It is a disease that I know very little about. As far as I’m concern, it is also not a disease somebody would want to have as patients loose control of their body movements as a result of the disease. I am not sure if Parkinson’s is linked to dementia but to be honest, I am not totally overwhelmed by the fact that papa has this illness. I’m learning to get accustomed to his dwindling condition. After the pneumonia attack I have prepared myself for the worst. I have Sokha’s presence to thank for taking away half of my worries. I don’t think I would have been able to cope if she was not around. Her presence has made things so much more easier at home. She is illiterate yet she has been pretty much reliable in helping me to care for my parents while I’m not at home. She is compassionate and caring and is attentive towards my parents’ needs.
I have no medical background and I am not aware of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s. I guess I ought to read up more to understand this condition of health and how it can effect a patient with dementia, for now, I think papa‘s future is pretty much uncertain for we are always surprised with something new. Each time he visit’s the doctor, he brings with him a new diagnostic of illness.
I have stopped bringing papa to church as I’ve been advised to not do so since his immune system is not strong and exposing him too much to the public air might actually risk him to have a relapsed of pneumonia. Even so, I know he would love to attend mass during the weekends and it is also my wish to be able to bring him to church again on a regular basis but with his current condition, I really do not know when this desire of ours can be achieved.

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